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Image: Experience the newly restored African Meeting House - click on image to learn more about this historic restoration.


Site 3
The Phillips School
Anderson and Pinckney Streets

Image: Phillips SchoolThis architecture is typical of 19th century Boston schoolhouses. Erected in 1824, this school building was open only to white children until 1855; it was the English High School until 1844 and the Phillips Grammar School until 1861. The school was then moved to a larger building at the corner of Anderson and Phillips Streets and renamed the Wendell Phillips School.

Before 1855, black children who lived in the neighborhood had to attend the school on the first floor of the African Meeting House or, after 1834, the Smith School. When segregated schools were abolished by legislative act, the Phillips School became one of Boston's first schools with an interracial student body.

Photo credit: Boston Athenaeum


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