The Museum of African American History is dedicated to preserving, conserving and accurately interpreting the contributions of African Americans in New England from the colonial period through the 19th century.



Site 2

Dreamland Theater
17 South Water St.

The Dreamland Theater was originally built as the Hicksite Quaker Meeting House on Main Street near Ray’s Court in 1831. The building hosted abolitionist Lucretia Coffin Mott, born on Nantucket, and black abolitionists including Charles Lenox Remond as speakers between 1835 and 1845.

Sold sometime after 1850 it was used briefly as a straw hat factory and skating rink. It was moved in 1833 to Brant Point to become part of the Nantucket Hotel and was floated to its present location in 1905. It is now the island’s largest movie house, operating only in the summer.

Image: footsteps
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